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How to motivate someone. Hint: It’s not what you think.

I have been always curious what is the best incentive to give someone to motivate a certain behavior. In my own experience, I have been under a number of different …

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9 Life Lessons For Everyone

Every once in awhile a speech, book or lecture inspires me to be better, rethink and motivates me to keep going. I may not always be right, find success, fail …

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5 Ways To Help You Find A Mentor

Building your professional career or starting a new business can be an exciting and fulfilling path, but it also comes with plenty of hurdles and challenges along the …

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Special Announcement: New Mentor+me Mastermind group

I am super excited to create a secret and private Facebook mastermind group, Mentor+me, where experienced men and women can join together to help others reach their full …

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Get The Mentoring Equation Right

Thanks to Whitney Johnson for the below guest blog post. A very important perspective for all entrepreneurs, leaders, coaches and mentees!

This post was co-authored with Bob Moesta. While it’s written from my …

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The Celebrity Mentors Behind Mark Zuckerberg

How do you get to run one of the world’s most popular websites and be worth more than $25 billion, all before you’ve turned 30?

You need skill, creativity, motivation and …

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Why you will fail to have a great career…unless?

I have had the privilege working with some great mentors/advisors the past number of years. They are generous, kind and brilliant individuals but what has made them so …

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Don’t Always Focus On The Facts To Reach Your Destiny

Sometimes if we stay focused on the facts we will talk ourselves out of doing something that we thought, based on the facts, was impossible.

The facts will say you can’t …

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Knowing When To Take The High Road To Be Successful

I find myself at times in situations that I want a fight to be right. I like to prove when someone is wrong and will put up an argument to …

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George Stephanopoulos On Keeping Your Balance


This week I was overwhelmed with a number of activities. I’m in the middle of 2015 budget planning at work with a challenge …

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