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The Four Thieves That Rob Us From Success

I wrote previously about the Six Lies from The ONE Thing that will set you off track from achieving your goal. Now there are four thieves to understand that will rob …

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Six Traits To Craft Your Unfair Advantage

For the past couple of years we’ve used the tagline “Magnify Your Unfair Advantage”, at the beginning I didn’t truly understand all of what it meant. I mean, it sounded cool, …

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7 Principles Of The Slight Edge That Changed My Life

Before I read The Slight Edge  by Jeff Olsen, most things I did in life were motivated by looking for the next opportunity that was going to move …

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What is Mentor+U?

When I started The Mentor+ Project three years ago the mission was to offer genuine value by helping you do what you do… only better. I love helping …

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Increase Your Capacity For Better Success

What is your potential for growth?

Are you going to read any books this year? Are you going to attend any seminars? Are you going to develop new skills? …

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Hitch+ to add new training and courses feature

When we started Hitch+ the mission was to bring to you the best curated news and expert content  in an easy to use mobile app format. The response has been …

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How losing everything taught me everything about relationships.

Guest post by Scott Oldford

You know that “silence” button on your phone? Once, I had it turned on for three months. I dug my head into the sand, I was …

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New Podcast Feature Available On Hitch+

We are excited to announce the addition of a podcast feature on the Hitch+ app. If you haven’t had a chance to download and try the app you should. Hitch+ is the best way …

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WHY Do You Do What You Do?

How come some people or organizations are more successful than others?
Thanks to one of my business mentors for sharing this TED Talk video from Simon Sinek. …

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How to motivate someone. Hint: It’s not what you think.

I have been always curious what is the best incentive to give someone to motivate a certain behavior. In my own experience, I have been under a number of different …

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