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What is Mentor+U?

When I started The Mentor+ Project three years ago the mission was to offer genuine value by helping you do what you do… only better. I love helping …

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Hitch+ to add new training and courses feature

When we started Hitch+ the mission was to bring to you the best curated news and expert content  in an easy to use mobile app format. The response has been …

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New Podcast Feature Available On Hitch+

We are excited to announce the addition of a podcast feature on the Hitch+ app. If you haven’t had a chance to download and try the app you should. Hitch+ is the best way …

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Special Announcement: New Mentor+me Mastermind group

I am super excited to create a secret and private Facebook mastermind group, Mentor+me, where experienced men and women can join together to help others reach their full …

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Don’t Always Focus On The Facts To Reach Your Destiny

Sometimes if we stay focused on the facts we will talk ourselves out of doing something that we thought, based on the facts, was impossible.

The facts will say you can’t …

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[INFOGRAPHIC] What does The Mentor+ Project do?

Many ask me what is The Mentor+ Project? So I decided to create an infographic on what we are up to. Also, we love to hear from you and how …

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George Stephanopoulos On Keeping Your Balance


This week I was overwhelmed with a number of activities. I’m in the middle of 2015 budget planning at work with a challenge …

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Stuff you should be reading today!

One of the main reasons that inspired me to create Hitch+ was really out of the need to have all my favorite content in one place. Hitch+ is a mobile application that …

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SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Pay it Forward Movement

We are thrilled to announce we are now partners of the Pay It Forward Movement.
The mission of the PIF Experience is to inspire and educate individuals of all ages and …

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