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Don’t Always Focus On The Facts To Reach Your Destiny

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Sometimes if we stay focused on the facts we will talk ourselves out of doing something that we thought, based on the facts, was impossible.

The facts will say you can’t accomplish your dreams, you don’t have the training, education or know the right people. But if you just focus on the facts it can talk you out of your destiny.

When you are believing for a problem to turn around, our faith will say it’s going to happen but our mind will tell us just give me the facts. The real battle sometimes take place in our mind. Staying focused on the facts can allow us to talk ourselves out it. This is where faith kicks in and our own beliefs allows us to achieve what we thought was impossible.

Don’t let the facts fool you when you believe something is possible. Dare to believe. We were not put on this earth to be average or to barely get by. When you believe we tap into a faith that allows us to achieve amazing things.

Sometimes we can be in a bad situation at work. The facts will say just live with it. Odds maybe against you but if you choose to believe in your heart and with the right attitude it can take you out of what was a bad situation into a situation that will propel you to your destiny.

For me, the facts will say I don’t have the finances or know the right people to see your business idea come to reality. The facts might say it’s too late to for me or there are others that have a better idea. There are other online communities and online apps that are better than mine. I may not have total success right now but my faith says keep going don’t stop and I know one day I will see my destiny fulfilled.

Here’s what my friend Scott Oldford recently quoted on believing in your dreams…

If you don’t have the big dream, the big vision then you’re in trouble.

Simply put, you’re going to need that passion and that fire because every day isn’t going to be fun, every day isn’t going to be perfect and the path less travelled is one filled with the unexpected.

Most people bring their hopes and dreams to the graveyard– in fact, the grave yard is the wealthiest place in the world.

You have to be insane enough to pursue and go through the hardship, the bullshit and everything in between. It’s that insanity that will drive you to your goal.

When your following that passion, the pain that the world would classify as “bad” is something that you embrace… you harness your WILL and you will strive to squeeze every single second of the 86400 of them in your day.

Remember there is no such things as security. You can die in the next five minutes, your pension can disappear faster than a rainbow in the sky.

Pursue the thing that you CANNOT get off your mind.

I am not saying we should be living in a dream world. But sometimes if you believe just in the facts it can steal you from the opportunities that your were destined to enjoy.

Need some motivation. Everyone everyone should watch this! (Share & Retweet) “Take The Opportunity (Today Is The Day!!!)


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