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Fearing BIG Success Is A Lie

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This is the last of the series we have been discussing from The ONE Thing principles regarding the six lies between you and success. Here’s a summary of all six:

1. Everything Matters Equally

2. Multitasking

3. A Disciplined Life

4. Willpower Is Always On Will-Call

5. A Balanced Life

6. Big Is Bad

Over the past three years, I have been developing and building a mentoring platform. I believe I can build a company based on people helping people achieve their highest potential through a mentoring relationship first. Most recently, I have found success that seems to feel that I am on the path to something big. The crazy thing that in some ways I am scared where this might take me. Thoughts of big mean to me; hard, complicated, time-consuming, overwhelming and intimidating. I fear failure, but as well the opportunity of big success comes pressure and stress. At times, my head spins because I want to keep moving forward, but then I retreat because what happens if this thing does become big. Then what?

The fact is most people live in the mindset of safe. When we believe big is bad then we resist to small thinking to protect ourselves from making mistakes. So the outcome of big ideas never sees the light of day thus we never reach our full potential. Mentor+’s mission is to help people reach their highest potential. How will we do that? By giving people access to the best tools and experts to help them change their mindset in a positive way.

The fact is no one knows their ultimate level for achievement. The important fact is to achieve the success you must keep progressing forward. We have to keep moving forward despite our failures and obstacles. Often I ask when I meet with people to discuss an idea to “blue-sky” it. If there was no obstacles and no boundaries, what would the end result look like? What would you want to happen? This frees people to ask different questions and think about trying new things. This provides them with a set of new thinking that opens the doors to new possibilities.

Thinking big sets you on the path of achieving extraordinary results. But getting results requires action and action require the right mindset. But The ONE Thing says there is a catch–“the only actions that become springboards to succeeding big are those informed by thinking big to begin with.” Everyone has the same amount of time in the day so how big you think and your actions will determine how high you achieve.

Asking yourself big questions can be a difficult task. Setting big goals for some can seem like they can’t be achieved. But we all have experienced the challenge of giving ourselves a big goal or task only to experience that it was much easier to achieve than we thought. Or we may have experienced the challenge to be harder than we thought but during that journey we discovered in ourselves something amazing. We got bigger!

Science has proven that a “fixed” mindset limits our growth and avoids failure. A “growth” mindset generally thinks big and seeks growth. A growth mindset becomes routine and habit forming. Big stands for greatness and when we pursue we are pursuing the greatest life we can possibly live. The act of living a big life is allowing ourselves to work against living our life to its fullest potential. Gary Keller the author of The ONE Thing says this; “When we fear big, we either consciously or subconsciously work against it.

In summary:

Think Big. “Blue-sky” your idea or goal. When we build a plan far beyond what we want to achieve it practically guarantees us achieving our original goal.

Don’t chose the normal outcome. Set yourself on a journey of new thinking. Don’t expect outcomes like everyone else would think. Expect outcomes that no one ever imagined.

Act Bold. Align yourself with individuals who achieved great things. Connect with people that are smarter than you. Learn their habits, systems, models or relationships they have formed to find answers. Sometimes it not about reinventing the wheel but apply what has worked for someone in our own lives. What consistently works for others can consistently work for us.

Don’t fear failure. Embrace the fact that you will fail. Part of achieving success and extraordinary results is being willing to try new things. There is a saying; “If you’ve never failed, you’be never tried anything new.

Adopt a growth mindset. Think big, aim high and be bold. Believe in yourself and see how far you get to achieving extraordinary success. I know you can do it.

I love to hear from you and know your thoughts? I would be glad to help. 


Greg Johnston
Mentor+and Hitch+

A star wants to see himself rise to the top. A leader wants to see those around him rise to the top.” – Simon Sinek

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