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Getting Extraordinary Results Using The Domino Effect

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In The One Thing, the authors talk about the Domino Effect. The concept is basically that each domino creates a small amount of energy; the more you line up, the more energy you have accumulated. Line enough up and you can create a chain reaction of amazing power. Basically, when one thing, the right thing, is set in motion, it can topple many things. Weijers Domino Productions proved this when they set a world record domino fall by lining up more than 4,491,863 dominos on Domino Day on November 13, 2009. Within an instance, one domino fall created enough energy for an average size male to do 545 push ups.

The domino effect concept basically helps to explain how to achieve extraordinary results. You have to prioritize by putting all your energy into accomplishing the important things first. As with the domino example lining up our priorities can be more complicated. Life doesn’t line up as easy as dominos. There are lots of priorities that need attention in regards to your finances, business, job, relationships, personal, physical health, and spiritual health. Highly successful people know how to do this. They line up each priority (lead domino) and work on it until it falls.

I consider myself a process person. I like to have things work in a sequential manner. I didn’t learn about the success of prioritizing instantly and tackling the big things first without my years of experience in raising a family, managing through a personal financial and job crisis, and accepting a challenging career path. The habit of prioritizing took time. Extraordinary success is sequential, not simultaneous. The ONE Thing explains as what starts out linear becomes geometric. You do the right thing and then you do the next right thing. Soon the results add up and the potential of success is unleashed. The “domino effect” applies to big and small moments when you are trying to decide what to do next. You know what they say, “success breeds success”, in this way you move towards the highest results possible.

I am sure you have met people with a lot of money, or a lot of skills, or a lot of knowledge, or have done a lot with their life in general. All have accomplished this over time.

To summarize, success is built sequentially, one thing at a time. Want to learn  more? Sign up for my free webinar so that you can learn how I applied The ONE Thing in my life and  how you can too in your personal and professional life. I super excited to help you achieve extraordinary results!


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