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How losing everything taught me everything about relationships.

Guest post by Scott Oldford

You know that “silence” button on your phone? Once, I had it turned on for three months. I dug my head into the sand, I was in slight depression (at least I think).

At the time, I was nearly $750,000 in debt, and I didn’t have a dollar left.

Creditor after creditor called, and to this day, unless I know your number, there’s not a chance I’ll pick up my phone.

I had failed, not just once but multiple times… back to back.

A few weeks ago I was telling my story in an interview, and the interviewer asked me in a European accent, “Scott, what allowed you to change your life direction, once you failed?

While I paused, a lot went through my head. What really changed it was this simple concept:

Look at the world in which what can you do for the universe, instead of what can the universe do for me”.

I know, it’s simple, it’s overused and borderline sounds like I’m full of crap. But for my entire life, I had thought about every relationship, opportunity and direction in terms of “what can I do for myself?”

For a while, this worked… until it didn’t. It took me losing every dollar I had, going beyond broke and being faced with survival that I found a very important human need – one that I had never filled and was never filled in me.


Let’s be honest, I was a great networker. I can work a room. I can make people like me, know me, understand me. But once I left, it was never a long lasting connection or relationship. I would see them a couple times a year, but I never offered value – unless they wanted to pay me.

When I had the brain shift, this also changed. You’d see me at fewer “networking” events. I destroyed my business cards. I stopped looking at what value someone could bring to me, but rather how I could serve them.

In 2014, I was lucky enough to meet over a thousand new people, face to face, and even more online. In that time, not only did I meet over a thousand people, but I became friends with even more amazing people. I did it by actually caring about what they said, what they did, why they did it. I became passionate about their passions and I grew, not from having friends (besides my fiance), but from having the best relationships in the entire world.

It also resulted in increased business. In my first year of business, I generated almost seven figures in revenue. It allowed me to pay off a significant amount of debt, and to travel the world meeting people from all over and creating connections that will last beyond my lifetime.

A true legacy is developed by those that you know and that you know intimately.

A big part of this was having lunches and dinners with groups of strangers. After a while, I must admit this became addictive. I could travel to a city and meet anywhere from forty to a hundred people in a week and then understand which people my values aligned with… it was brilliant.ebook-home

After that came a book, Connections that Count, in which I explored the “how” of this process. That was even more exciting, and after having sold 4,000 copies around the world in the first few months, I’m pretty happy that people share the same desire to stop networking and start connecting.

While this concept changed my life, the biggest thing that allowed me to be where I am right now isn’t goals, aspirations or repeating affirmations like, “Scott, your successful” each morning and night. It’s also not reading countless articles much like this one, to get you motivated and to learn more.

No – it was having connections that count.

Scot OlfordScott Oldford is a 23-year-old entrepreneur that helps companies and organizations fulfill their vision through strategy, marketing, and technology. He’s also the founder of Limitless Business, a group of passionate entrepreneurs that have a limitless mindset, just like you. He can be found at or on Twitter: @scottoldford. He’d love for you to say hi! 🙂




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