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How To Get Out Of A Funk

Have you ever got stuck into a funk and don’t know why?
The past few weeks I have been struggling with a few issues and just haven’t felt like myself. It’s been hard for me to focus on some projects I have been working on; including enjoying the everyday things I do at work plus blogging, working on Mentor+ and learning new ways of online marketing.
One thing that gets me stuck is recalling the past years that caused me so many heartaches. Over a number of years, I have struggled with bitterness and anger in my life. There are times when everything is great and then there are triggers that seem to set it off. The other day I was in the grocery store when I saw a certain person that was connected closely to someone that caused a lot of problems for my family. I couldn’t believe after 12 or so years that this root of bitterness and anger came alive again. I would think “if only…” that didn’t happen I wouldn’t have lost so much time including building my life back from square one. It was a realty check of how important it is to forgive and not leave room for bitterness to stay in your life.
In took me a few days of praying to get myself out of that bad mindset and funk.

What do you do?

Here are a few things I did?
1. Took some time off just to be with me.
2. Went for some nice long drives in my son’s jeep (top down of course).
3. Spent time with people that I love being around.
4. Listened to some upbeat music. Mostly while driving.
5. Exercised more often. My routine is 30 mins weights and 30 mins cardio.
6. Played golf. If anything gets your mind off frustration golf does because it’s frustrating all by itself…smile emoticon
7. Took extra naps or got extra sleep at night.
8. Tried to stay away from people with a negative mindset or involving myself in the negative conversation.

If you need help with more here’s a great blog “24 Hacks For Getting Out Of Your Funk” by Michael Hyatt a great online mentor to me.


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