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George Stephanopoulos On Keeping Your Balance



This week I was overwhelmed with a number of activities. I’m in the middle of 2015 budget planning at work with a challenge to get market growth. Managing my personal financial commitments. Dealing with a close friend on a very serious social matter that involved his daughter. And the expectations that come with being a dad to 3 sons; 2 that are in hockey covering 9 games in 5 days this past week. All this could lead to losing my balance and focus.

Lately I have been encouraged to see all the start-ups and organizations that are focused on mentoring. Esquire Magazine has started an initiative called the The Mentoring Project. I have enjoyed listening and reading about some of the Hollywood stars, musicians and public figures talk about the people that shaped their lives. This one in particular from George Stephanopoulos interested me. George talks about  the night that Bill Clinton got elected in 1992. “I worked on his campaign—I called home, and my parents congratulated me. But my father, at that moment, reminded me of the story of the myth of Icarus, the young man who flew too close to the sun. And he just said, “Just remember, keep your balance.” Those words, “keep your balance,” meant so much in that moment—a time of great triumph and happiness—but they’ve also always been a part of my life when things don’t look so good, when facing a challenge or going through a hard time. Keep your balance. Know that you’re going to get through this. And I realized that that really stuck with me because it’s a lesson that he had been teaching me my whole life.

Watch the full interview here

Bottom-line when life is overwhelming in good or bad times make sure to keep your balance. What types of things help you keep your balance?

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Greg Johnston
The Mentor+ Project

A star wants to see himself rise to the top. A leader wants to see those around him rise to the top.” – Simon Sinek

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