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Six Traits To Craft Your Unfair Advantage

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For the past couple of years we’ve used the tagline “Magnify Your Unfair Advantage”, at the beginning I didn’t truly understand all of what it meant. I mean, it sounded cool, but I never truly understood the truth of the phrase. Then I started hearing it from top entrepreneurs, and I quickly realized that I was on to something, perhaps.

I started to think and dig into what an unfair advantage is all about… and it comes down to 6 key things that define our unfair advantage.

Now, see this ISN’T about the fact that it’s truly “unfair”, but rather that each and every one of us has an unfair advantage, meaning a different way of making something work, or making something successful. In the world where a lot of people feel that they are competing, our unfair advantage allows us to go beyond that…

In a few weeks, I’m Keynoting at ConnectorCon in NYC and guess what… I’m talking about this EXACT thing, but if you’re not in NYC, you can listen to my take on this with Jay Wong, he published an episode on his Podcast about it.


Get a pen and some paper, because you’re going to want to draft this out right NOW. Here’s the process for crafting your unfair advantage.

There are 6 unique traits that make up you unfair advantage:

1. Experience

2. Skill

3. Talent

4. Knowledge

5. Character

6. Connections

Now, this sounds great, but how do you mix them together? Let’s break each one down individually.

Experiences. All of our experiences – or at least our perceptions of our experiences – are unique. These are our stories, a reflection of what’s in our world. Humans CONNECT to experiences. They’re infectious. Because we all have had vastly different experiences, you can take your experiences and harness them.

Skill. Skill is something you develop through hard work each and every day. You aren’t born with skill like you are talent. Rather, tens of thousands of hours of developing your skills means you’ll become unstoppable at your craft.

Talent. You are born with a specific set of talents that are ingrained in your DNA. These talents can be anything from an amazing memory to a high social intelligence. Simply put, it’s who YOU are.

Knowledge. Knowledge is built by learning, reading, learning from others, making mistakes, and ensuring that every day you fail just a little bit less. Like skill, knowledge is something you have to build every single day, as it’s a key ingredient of your unfair advantage.

Character. When I was younger, my talent took me places my character couldn’t keep me. You have to develop your character every single day. This is done by being authentic, being yourself, making (and learning from) mistakes and having “character building” days instead of “bad” days.

Connections. This one is so critical that I wrote a book about it. For quite some time, I didn’t understand the importance of true human connection. The truth is, you become the 10 people you surround yourself with. If you don’t have deep human connections, you stunt the growth of your knowledge, skill, character, and experiences. Simply put, when you lack connections, your ability to unleash the other 5 key ingredients is stunted.

Here’s the deal: a LOT of people believe in LUCK. I don’t.

I believe luck is simply these 6 elements colliding with opportunity. It’s you building these 6 elements every single day, improving by 1% before you go to sleep each night. At that point, you start to unleash your unfair advantage.

People often get stuck on the fact that having an unfair advantage is about being competitive, and that it doesn’t come from an abundance mindset.

That is, in a word, bullshit.

Accepting that you’re unique and saying “YES!” to that reality IS your unfair advantage. It’s what makes you LIMITLESS.

Regardless who you are… what’s your unfair advantage?

– Scott

Scott OldfordScott Oldford is a entrepreneur that helps companies and organizations fulfill their vision through strategy, marketing, and technology. He’s also the founder of Limitless Business, a group of passionate entrepreneurs that have a limitless mindset, just like you. He can be found at or on Twitter: @scottoldford. He’d love for you to say hi! 

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