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How Activating Our Faith Is A Game Changer

The other morning, I woke up early (4 am) in a bit of a funk. Normally on the weekend, I don’t wake up so early. But, I began to think …

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Two Things To Live By So You Can Keep Growing

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Lately, I have been spending most of my time getting ready to launch Mentor+U and  producing my first online training program. Can’t wait to launch …

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Stay in the Game

Photo courtesy of Elijah Johnston

Many sit on the sidelines of life because we are nursing our wounds. But you have to shake off the self-pity and the discouragement …

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10 excuses why we fear giving and getting advice

I have been doing a lot of soul-searching over the past year in regards to my personal and professional life. One thing that always draws me in making decisions is …

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Be Vulnerable

Guest Post by Brad Feld.

We are told that leaders must be strong. They must be confident. They must be unflinching. They must …

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Building Your Personal Brand With Some Help

It’s been awhile since I posted a personal blog as I have been finding it tough to write. It’s not always easy to sit down and put “pen to paper” …

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Take The Leap And Soar.

Photo courtesy of the Johnston boys.

One thing I love about being a dad is watching my boys grow and discover new things. Unless it’s going to put them in critical …

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How To Get Some New Thinking.


Many people continue to not achieve success. The problem is, they don’t know what is their problem.

Most people are limited to their own experience and knowledge.

Are you SO VERY SURE of …

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Get some… #NewThinking.

Creating an idea is easy. Turning it into a business is hard. The startup journey for me has been one of ups and downs. I have to admit getting support …

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Do Something Remarkable Today…

Today was a great week for Mentor+me as I am so encouraged and thankful for all the positive comments coming in on what we are trying to build and create here.

We live …

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