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The Four Thieves That Rob Us From Success

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I wrote previously about the Six Lies from The ONE Thing that will set you off track from achieving your goal. Now there are four thieves to understand that will rob your productivity. Here’s what The ONE Thing discovered the four thieves that will stop you in your tracks:

1. Inability To Say “NO”

2. Fear Of Chaos

3. Poor Health Habits

4. Environment Doesn’t Support Your Goals.


1. Inability To Say “No”

We have this problem of saying no to things. We want to be helpful and don’t want to let others down. The issue when we say yes to something, it’s important to understand what we are saying no too. The best way to succeed is to go small which means we have to say no a lot.

We all want to feel needed and helping others is always satisfying. One of my biggest weaknesses is saying no when there is a call for help. I have a servant’s heart so I find it incredibly satisfying to help others. Saying no at times can be a challenging task. But I learned that it’s the only way you’re going to live your life with ultimate purpose and achieve your highest potential. We all want that, right?

Focusing on our own goals and excluding others can make us seem self-centred and selfish. But it doesn’t have to. They key is to ask questions that leads someone to find the help they need elsewhere. You may be able to help others discover the answers themselves. You can redirect them to others to find the answers they need to assist them.

Learning to say no is a way to gain the greatest freedom and flexibility possible.

2. Fear Of Chaos

The journey to extraordinary results brings on the following; untidiness, unrest, disarray and disorder. When we are working hard to fulfill our dreams, clutter invades us.

One of the biggest thieves is dealing with the chaos around us and the lack of creativity in dealing with it. The key is to properly time block so that you can properly manage and figure it out.

But know this when you are committing to your ONE Thing each day extraordinary results happen. In time, this creates the opportunity and income to manage chaos. Move past the fear of chaos and learn to deal with it. Trust that your work and your ONE Thing will come through for you.

3. Poor Health Habits

A silent thief in your life is mismanaging your personal health. I learned this the hard way one time when I was going through a stressful time. I was facing some very tough personal issues and dealing with a stressful job situation. In the short term, I was managing but over a period of time, I burned out which resulted in damaging my physical and mental well-being. The overall cause was a loss of productivity and health.

High achievement and extraordinary results require a lot of energy. The big idea is to learn how to get and keep it. Here are four ways that will help you stay on your game every day:

1. Meditate early in the morning for spiritual energy.

2. Eat right, exercise and get sufficient sleep for physical energy.

3. Spend time with family and friends for emotional energy.

4. Set goals, plan and schedule your calendar for mental energy.

5. Time block your ONE Thing for business energy.

The secret to success and productivity is spending the early morning hours energizing yourself. The result will get you through the day with little additional effort.

4. Environment Doesn’t Support Your Goals

Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher.” ― Oprah Winfrey

The importance of getting extraordinary results is taking ownership of your environment. Make sure the people and surroundings support your goals. The right people in your life and your physical surroundings are important to get to your ONE Thing.

The people that you work and socialize with are more important than you think. It’s easy to pick up the attitudes of others by simply working, socializing or simply being around them. Hanging around individuals that are negative all the time will eventually pass on some of their attitude on to you. Obviously, attitude can rob you of energy, effort, and decision-making.  Being with success-minded people can create a “success spiral” where they lift you up and send you on the right path.

Four Thieves
Create a productivity-specific environment to support your ONE Thing.
Courtesy of Rellek Publishing Partners, Ltd.


Having an environment that doesn’t support your goals is all too common and, unfortunately, a huge robber of our productivity. The way to success is always a journey so the best way is to surround yourself with the right people and place.

No one succeeds alone and no one fails alone. Pay attention to the people around you.” –authors of The ONE Thing.

When we realize that we want to live a life with purpose, these four thieves become a priority so we can live a life that matters and achieves our highest potential.

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Greg Johnston
The Mentor+ Project and Hitch+

A star wants to see himself rise to the top. A leader wants to see those around him rise to the top.” – Simon Sinek

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