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The Six Lies Between You And Success

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I am going to let you in on a couple of personal secrets. I have always had a fear of failure and the fear of never having enough. It has always been a constant struggle for me to feel that I am making progress. “I have to keep pushing more to be successful.” “I have to do more things at once to accomplish things faster.” “I need to be a more focused person.” “Maybe I shouldn’t dream so big.”

In the last three blog posts, I have begun walking you through what I believe is the most most singular thing to lead us to success and an extraordinary life. That’s why I am so passionate about what The ONE Thing teaches you that I am putting my own personal ONE Thing course together to help you be successful in your personal and professional life too. As I wrote about in my post Getting Extraordinary Results Using The Domino Effect we learned that highly successful people know how to line up priorities (lead domino) and work on it until it falls. Success is built sequentially, one thing at a time. Then we learned that success comes from singleness of purpose. It’s proven time and time again that individuals and companies have achieved success because they focused on one core product or service.

Those thoughts above that I mentioned above become the six lies about success that hold us from living The ONE Thing.

The six lies between you and success:

1. Everything Matters Equally

2. Multitasking

3. A Disciplined Life

4. Willpower Is Always On Will-Call

5. A Balanced Life

6. Big Is Bad

The six lies are beliefs that get into our head and become a framework that drives us in the wrong way. If we are going to max out on our potential then we must put these lies to bed once and for all.

1. Everything Matters Equally

Equality is a lie. When you have a lot to try and get done in the day, how do you decide what gets done first. The ONE Thing suggests that the majority of what you want will come from the minority of what you do. Pareto’s principle is one of the greatest productivity truths ever discovered. The 80/20 Principle defined it well: “The 80/20 Principle asserts that a minority of causes, inputs, or effort usually lead to a majority of the results, outputs, or rewards.” But The ONE Thing says go extreme! Take the 20% of the 20% of the 20% and continue until you get the most important thing. Start with all your to-dos and narrow it to one. Selected effort creates almost all of the rewards.


SO the big ideas here are:

1. Go small. Don’t focus on being busy, focus on being productive.

2. Go extreme. Keep asking what matters most until there is only one thing left.

3. Say no. Until your most important work is done.

4. Don’t get trapped in the “check-off” game. We can’t fall into the notion that everything needs to get done and checking things off our list leads to success. The truth is that all things don’t matter equally and success is found in doing the most important task first.

Regardless, the most important thing is always the most important thing. Sometimes it’s the only thing you do.

Next week we will touch on how the principle of Multitasking is a lie. We will help you discover that it’s hard doing your most important work when you try too much at once.

Sign-up for The ONE Thing course and we will show you how you can implement this principle in your life to achieve extraordinary results. Spots are filling up quick and we are limited to the amount we can make this available too. This will be a one-time offer only.

This powerful 12-week teleseminar program will empower you to:

→ Identify your ONE Thing.

→ Get clarity around your purpose.

→ Build productive habits into your daily life that empower you.

→ Plan for extraordinary results with Goal Setting to the Now.

→ Protect your ONE Thing time.

PLUS, there will be a special offer to receive coaching from some of the world’s best business coaches and leaders, including Shon Kokoszka and The ONE Thing co-author Jay Papasan.

Lastly, I hope you join me on this journey as I’m super excited about leading you on a path of the right mindset to be successful in your personal and professional life. The ONE Thing is only the beginning of the Mentor+ framework that we will continue to lead individuals and organizations to achieve their fullest potential. The mission is simple to help you do what you do… only better!

If you have any questions drop me a note. I would be glad to help. 


Greg Johnston
The Mentor+ Project and Hitch+

A star wants to see himself rise to the top. A leader wants to see those around him rise to the top.” – Simon Sinek

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