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What If You Did ONE Thing, The Most Powerful Thing?

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This past weekend I spent time focusing on my physical and mental health. I have been eating Paleo( wheat and dairy free) the last 2 weeks and I have never felt this good in a long time. Each day, I did 30-minute weights + 4 km run + 120 laps swim. I am getting ready to hit the road hard for a season of success in all aspects of my; personal life, physical health, spiritual health, finances, business, and career. I’m learning to focus on ONE thing so that everything else will be easier or unnecessary. I’m not settling for the status quo!

What if you did ONE thing, the most powerful thing? The past few weeks I talked about focusing on ONE thing so that you can accomplish more by doing less and achieve extraordinary results. The other was using the Domino Effect to prioritize your energy in the important thing firsts. Success is built sequentially, one thing at a time.

Proof of the ONE thing is everywhere. Look closely and you will always find it. Extraordinary companies always have one product or service that excels them into success. Just look around you. An obvious one is Google. The ONE thing is search which make selling advertising, its key source of revenue possible.

Apple created an environment where the focus on ONE thing can exist while transitioning to another extraordinary ONE thing. Apple’s move from Macs to iMacs to iTunes to iPods to iPhones with the iPad already in the pole position in the product lineup. As each new product gadget was announced the others didn’t take a back seat. The current ONE thing created a halo effect making it easy for users to adopt the whole Apple product family.

Steve Jobs on Simplicity – “One of my main mantras has been focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” 

The other fact is no one is self-made. Take the concept of the ONE thing and apply it to people. One person can make all the difference. Walt Disney couldn’t get a job as a cartoonist until his brother Roy, a businessman banker, got him work at an art studio. His one person was his brother Roy. For Sam Walton, it was his father-in-law, L.S. Robson, who loaned him $20,000 to start his first retail store. When Sam wanted to open his first WalMart, Robson secretly paid a landlord $20,000 to provide an important expansion lease. Everyone has a person that means the most to them or was the first to influence, train and manage them.

 No one succeeds alone. No one.

The power of the ONE thing shows up in the lives of the successful because it’s a fundamental truth. A good example is Bill Gates. His passion for computers which lead to his skill for computer programming. Paul Allen gave him his first job which resulted in forming Microsoft as a partnership. This couldn’t have happened if it weren’t for one person, Ed Roberts, who gave them a shot at writing code for the Altair 8800. The rest is history. Now Bill Gates focus has changed with the Bill and Melinda Health Program which resides under their foundation. The ambitious goal is to harness advances in science and technology to save lives in poor countries. To do this, they have settled on ONE thing — to stamp out infectious disease as a major cause of death in their lifetime.

The doors to opportunities have flung wide open. Often times it can become staggering. Through the advancements in technology and innovation, the possibilities seem endless. As inspiring as this can be, often times I find myself overwhelmed. Bombarded with more information and choices than ever I sometimes feel hurried to move on to the next big thing. This can result in attempting to do too much and feel like I have accomplished nothing during the day.

“Success demands singleness of purpose.” — Vince Lombardi

Where do we begin? From all that life has to offer, how  do you choose? How do you make the best decisions possible, experience life at an extraordinary level, and never look back? Living a life of focus is the starting point for achieving extraordinary results. Based on research and real-life experiences it’s a big idea wrapped up in a simple package. That’s why I want to help get you on a clear path and show you how you can implement The ONE Thing in your life to achieve extraordinary success. I am super excited to help you get the results you are looking for. Sign up for my free webinar and learn how you can get your life focused on a path of success in all areas of your life.


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