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What is Mentor+U?

When I started The Mentor+ Project three years ago the mission was to offer genuine value by helping you do what you do… only better. I love helping others reach their fullest potential. When I’m doing that I find this personally rewarding and fulfilling.


The focus up to now is distributing curated content allowing the community a simple and easy central format to daily news on mentoring, leadership, career and entrepreneurship. As of today, The Mentor+ Daily has over 8,000 readers. Our Hitch+ mobile app has been downloaded by over 1000 users and blog has over 130,000 views in the past 9 months.

Now I am far from achieving my goals but one of the main things I have learned is to just start. The journey has been hard but also very rewarding at the same time. The fact is I LOVE DOING THIS STUFF!


I say all this to ask you… Are you tired of working for someone?… Do you want to work towards a career that you are passionate about?… Do you need help with your business or startup?Do you need help with finding an expert to help you achieve your goals?Do you need to be part of a group to hold you accountable? If you answered yes to most of these questions then you are at the right place.


That being said, Mentor+U is a community of learners, builders and leaders that all have a common goal; to be successful in business and life. It will be built under the Hitch+ platform so it will be simple to access and use. The focus will be on three core competencies; business, marketing and personal development. So what are you waiting for? Get signed up and be part of a community that cares and will help you achieve your dreams.


Lastly, most of you that are reading this are good friends, past colleagues, we met through an event or we have connected through social media. I want to continue building on our relationship. So let’s work on this journey together and create something magical. You will be amazed what happens!

If you have any questions or need my help just drop me a note. 


Greg Johnston
The Mentor+ Project and Hitch+

A star wants to see himself rise to the top. A leader wants to see those around him rise to the top.” – Simon Sinek

P.S. If you are also passionate about helping others or someone you may know that would benefit from this community please feel to introduce me. I would love to chat with them. Plus, I love to give you a special gift for the referral.

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