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Who’s Minding The Store?

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The other day I was chatting with my friend Scott. He had just done a great podcast interview with Cole Hatter. Check it out here. Cole talks about cheating death, overcoming the guilt and then living a life in which he’s built successful businesses and is now an active angel investor having investments in many companies across North America.

I completely related to his story as I have cheated death a few times as well and have the same type of passions by turning success into giving and helping others. To be truthful, I sometimes get down on myself. As much time and effort I currently put into helping others,  I want to do more but feel my resources are limited.  I have been reading a great book called “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olsen.  The basics of the Slight Edge is an entirely new way of thinking; a way of processing information that enables you to make the SIMPLE daily choices that will lead you to the success and happiness you desire. It doesn’t happen over night. This concept has been difficult for me all my life as I want to get things done at lightening speed. It must happen right away. For me, reprogramming my mind to think this way is challenging. I always have this fear that time is running out.

In one area, Olsen talks about the area of our subconscious and conscious thinking. It’s a key to our destiny that many don’t grasp. We think our conscious functions — our will, our conscious decisions, our conscious thoughts — as what is us, and our subconscious as something going under the surface that maybe not so important. The truth is our subconscious is what runs everything.

The reality is your conscious can focus really well, but only on the minuscule part of your life at any one time. Your subconscious keeps track of everything.

I remember when my commute to my work was a minimum one hour and forty-five minutes each way. There were some days while driving my mind would wander off to work things or something going on in my personal life. Then suddenly I would arrive at a destination wondering how I even got there. That’s an example of automatic pilot. My conscious mind had learned the route so well that it handed it over to my subconscious mind. Other examples like tying your shoes, walking with your legs or answering “yeah” when someone calls your name. All those things we do without even thinking.

We do 99.9% of our lives on automatic pilot. That’s how people end up in life living at age thirty, forty, fifty and so forth.  I remember when I lost my job and went job hunting. It’s like I put myself on autopilot and after a number of months without a job found myself struggling wondering “how did I get here?”. What determines where you end up is determined by what route you have programmed in your subconscious. You can let someone program for you or you can choose to program that for yourself.

It’s up to you. How? The same way you learn to tie your shoes. You create it first with intention, with your conscious mind, then repeat it over and over in slight edge fashion, until it is handed over to your subconscious. At which time it becomes automatic.

So get some new thinking and get your mind making the right decisions every day. Here’s what you can work on:

1, Invest in your own personal learning and development.

2. Learn by studying and doing. Book smarts and street smarts.

3. Also be willing to make course corrections when trying to reach your goal.

4. Most of what we do is on automatic pilot. It’s up to you take charge of your autopilot training.

Don’t forget to drop me a note. I love to help you where I can.


Greg Johnston
The Mentor+ Project and Hitch+

A star wants to see himself rise to the top. A leader wants to see those around him rise to the top.” – Simon Sinek

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